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Piling Machines
Rotary drilling rigúČpiling machine

Rotary drilling rig
This rotary drilling rig has the flexibility of size (300mm to 2500mm diameter), depth, and speed of installation under ideal conditions of non-collapsing dry soils. The installation procedure causes no undue noise and is effectively vibrationless. In view of the size of plant used, clear headroom and an open site results in better production than in congested areas.
If any handwork is required to remove for the pile, the shaft diameter should not be less than 900mm.If the sides of the hole collapse or are liable to collapse, or if excessive water is entering above the base of the pile, ...

Category:Piling Machines

CFA RigúČpiling machine

High efficient and cost efficient, environmental friendly technology;
High production levels are attainable in suitable soil conditions;
The system is economical in suitable soil profiles;
Noise levels are low and limited to the engine noise of the CFA rig;
There is no vibration associated with CFA piles;
The manufacture of the pile is largely in the hands of the operator and there needs to be adequate ...

Category:Piling Machines

Soil Mixing MachineúČpiling machine

Soil Mixing Machine
Soil mixing machine has two methods according to the material, wet mixing and dry mixing; according to the pressure of grouting, it has normal pressure grouting and jet grouting.
Foundation ground improvement
Slope stability, Earth retention
Retaining walls and buttresses
Groundwater containments for polluted groundwater ...

Category:Piling Machines

GPS Boring MachineúČpiling machine

GPS Boring Machine
Slurry circulation / reverse circulation piling machine
Economical pile solution for heavy structures on saturated soil profiles
Noise levels are low and limited to engine noise from the GPS boring machine
There is no vibration associated with under slurry piles
A good range of pile sizes from 600mm to 2500mm diameter
Piles can be installed to depths in excess of 50 meters ...

Category:Piling Machines

Casing OscillatorúČpiling machine

Casing Oscillator
1. Environment friend and safety pile drilling method (Drilling with All casing, no mud)
2. Widely used in different difficult formations where there is a risk of collapse or broken
formation, such as quicksand, flowing and fictile soils, high pressure groundwater formations, gravel and detritus-type soils etc.
3. High quality cast in-situ pile and secant pile wall. Large pile sizes with high load capacity the ability to penetrate substantial boulder layers and other obstructions. ...

Category:Piling Machines

Diaphragm Wall GrabúČpiling machine

Diaphragm Wall Grab
The diaphragm wall grab is used to break the rock and take out soil and gravel inside of casing after inserted the casing in the ground by oscillator, at large bore cast-in-place concrete pile work.
High construction efficiency, powerful shutting force and good perpendicularity for the diaphragm wall construction.
The diaphragm wall grab may also be installed with to maintain and repair the wall anytime during working.
The advanced electronic surveying system can accurately demonstrate the depth and the position direction of the grab on the screen, as accurate as to 0.01 degree. ...

Category:Piling Machines

Hydraulic Auger SystemúČpiling machine

Hydraulic Auger System for Excavator
Hydraulic auger system for excavator is a heavy-duty foundation drilling equipment that is mounted on the excavator with the capacity of not less than 25 tons. This hydraulic rotary drilling rig adopts the excavator hydraulic system for operation. It is ideally suited for digging foundation holes in confined areas where overhead clearance is limited or where site conditions require a drilling rig with narrow reach. This hydraulic excavator mounted auger is an economic solution for foundation drilling and protecting the investment of excavator owners. There is installation and commission service available to fix our auger system to excavators ...

Category:Piling Machines

Hydraulic Drilling RigúČpiling machine

Hydraulic Drilling Rig with Mud Circulation
Our hydraulic drilling rig with mud circulation is a newly developed machine. The drilling technology is based on the GPS boring machine with mud circulation. However, this piling equipment is installed with hydraulic crawler chassis and mast, which makes it easy to move from one job after another. The hydraulic drilling rig is controlled hydraulically which improves the speed variation range and applicable for the different layers. Drilling with mud circulation, it perfectly protects the pile well from collapse. Reverse circulation can be applied as well for rock drilling. This piling equipment can be adjusted rightward and leftward while the mast can ...

Category:Piling Machines


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