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Hydraulic Auger System for Excavator£¬pilingmachines

Hydraulic Auger System for Excavator

Hydraulic auger system for excavator is a heavy-duty foundation drilling equipment that is mounted on the excavator with the capacity of not less than 25 tons. This hydraulic rotary drilling rig adopts the excavator hydraulic system for operation. It is ideally suited for digging foundation holes in confined areas where overhead clearance is limited or where site conditions require a drilling rig with narrow reach. This hydraulic excavator mounted auger is an economic solution for foundation drilling and protecting the investment of excavator owners. There is installation and commission service available to fix our auger system to excavators.

Diaphragm wall grab£¬pilingmachines Diaphragm wall grab£¬pilingmachines Diaphragm wall grab£¬pilingmachines Diaphragm wall grab£¬pilingmachines
Diaphragm wall grab£¬pilingmachines



1. Hydraulic rotary drilling rig is a new type of piling machine, whose accessories are fitted on the front arm of excavator.

2. This excavator mounted auger combines the technology and process of modern piling machinery characterized by easy     operation, good mobility and high working efficiency.

3. This type of drilling equipment generates efficient and strong drilling torque and makes perfect drilling for soft rock formation     (under 75Mpa).

4. Hydraulic rotary drilling rig transfers strong drilling torque to the drilling tools by the high efficient Kelly bar.

5. The free fall winch is self developed and is composed of the most suitable system for the best working efficiency.

6. This hydraulic excavator mounted auger consists of international brand components that are reliable and ranked at the top     of the same category in the world.

7. Hydraulic rotary drilling rig for is widely used for the foundation and drilling appliance.


Kelly Bar: friction type.

Pile Drilling Diameter: 1000 mm maximum.

Pile Depth: 30 meters maximum.

Available Tools: auger and bucket.


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