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Changshu Huanli Industries Co., Ltd has been registered in 2007, however, one of our manufacturing bases in mainland China has been established in 1992, which specialized in the foundation piling tools and equipment research and supply, especially the rotary piling industry. Thanks to the fast development of foundation sector in China, our company has been expanded and has more than 100 staff. With an annual turnover in excess of USD10,000,000.00, the company are supplying the rotary drilling tools, casing tools, CFA system, diaphragm wall grab, flushing/gravity tools, slurry circulation tools, tremie pipes and wear parts. Many of the systems and technology are introduced from foundation equipment giant Bauer, Soilmec, Mait, and Liebherr. They has been further developed and optimized according to the foundation site conditions. Our tools and equipment has been well received in the world market, our tools and equipment has the advantage of economical, fast delivery, customized solution. Our clients covered the South-east Asia, Russia, UAE and other Middle East countries, Japan, Canada and other countries. We emphasized on the customer specific requirement and increase the customer satisfaction.
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